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While some mounts may not be great candidates for restoration, others can be brought back to life. Whether it is an old mount that just needs touched up, or a fresh mount that could have been done better, many times a mount can be improved upon.

This lake trout for instance was mounted over 40 years ago. Replacing the grease ridden head and fins with artificial, while keeping the original skin body, I was able to take an old fish mount with sentimental value, and make it look as though it was caught yesterday.
This mountain lion had only been mounted a few days when an unhappy client brought it into my shop. I was able to re-hydrate the entire mount, and using the same manikin I re-worked the skin giving the mount a much more natural look.

This fish is a good example of someone that didn't want all of the anatomy issues corrected, because this is how they remember this mount. Obviously age has taken a toll, so rather than refurbish the entire thing, I just fixed some minor issues and re-painted this classic.




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