Shipping Instructions

Proper shipping is VITAL when it comes to assuring your specimen arrives safe.



Please follow these guidelines when shipping items to Timberland Taxidermy:

• Only use UPS or FedEx. Never ship perishables through the post office (unless you use their overnight service).
• Only ship on Mondays during weeks that don't contain holidays.
• Packing your specimen with fiberglass insulation is beneficial, especially when temps are warm.
• When shipping small items such as small fish or birds, be sure to include several ice packs in the box with your specimen and insulate well.
• Please call (816) 724-0271 and inform me when shipments are coming.
• Include a completed and signed Customer Log Sheet. Click the link to download yours.
• Double wrap your specimen in plastic so no fluids can leak out in transit.
• Write the words "taxidermy specimen" on the box to comply with shipping regulations.
• Keep box frozen until shipment, and ship later in the day if possible.
• Cites animals such as bobcats, otters, and lynx need to have the CITES tag attached before sending.


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